The ISO Directory of consumer interest participation

What is the ISO Directory of consumer interest participation?

As part of its strategy to engage consumer stakeholders, the ISO Committee on consumer policy (ISO/COPOLCO) has developed the ISO Directory of consumer interest participation as a platform for representatives of national standards bodies, consumer associations and their stakeholders to research and share information about consumer interest involvement in ISO’s standards and policy work. The Directory’s content is built on data bases managed by the ISO Central Secretariat, with additional data provided voluntarily by members of ISO/COPOLCO.

The Directory is designed to provide a real-time, transparent profile of consumer interest participation in the ISO system. It aims to facilitate networking among consumer representatives, promote stakeholder engagement capacity for all ISO members, enhance transparency of ISO’s consumer involvement, and share related information among interested persons. The information contained in the ISO Directory of consumer interest participation is publicly available, except for personal data of contact persons (at COPOLCO members’ discretion).

How the Directory works

COPOLCO members provide information on various categories of consumer interest participation in their country through an on-line, password-protected input form. The data can be updated at any time through designated administrators in each organization.  COPOLCO members that have provided this data will appear at the top of a list of “Country case studies” on the home page of the Directory, in order of last member update.

For each country case study, first-level headings appear for five categories of consumer interest engagement: Delegated organization, International participation, Consumer priorities and objectives, International/regional cooperation, and Resources.
Headings and data for each country appear only where the COPOLCO member has provided relevant data. Additional categories and their data appear below each member’s entry.

In addition to the country listing, a contextualized search function with a “search as you type” filter allows the user instant access to the entire contents of the database.

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