Slovenia (SIST)

Last updated on: 2019-02-22

Stakeholder Organization(s) contributing to the case study

National Standards Body

National Governmental Authority (Ministry)

State or Provincial Governmental Authority (Ministry)

Consumer Organization

National structures for consumer participation (Technical)

technical committes for child care, care labeling of textiles, food products, personal equipment care, health care, furniture, sport

Platforms for consumer participation

on SIST we have on web public enqueiry of draft standard where consumers can get drafts for free and they can send us their comments.

Consumers' priorities and objectives for participation

child care, food products, health care

Main obstacles to participation


Resources (financial or other)

Funding of participation

If the consumer ageny want to participate in our technical committe must pay annual fee.

Useful Web sites and other resources for consumer participation

Respondent's name

Lampic Mojca Mrs