Canada (SCC)

Last updated on: 2016-05-25
Stakeholder Organization(s) contributing to the case study

National Standards Body

National Governmental Authority (Ministry)

State or Provincial Governmental Authority (Ministry)

Consumer Organization

Other Non-governmental Organization

Standards Development Organization accredited by the NSB


Consumer representative(s) participating in the international structure(s)

Agni Shah
Anne Wilcock
Bill Huzar
Charles Tanguay
Cheryl-Anne Parsons
Christine Simpson
Danny Abbate
Darryl Kingston
Doug A Geralde
Dwayne Goudie
Elizabeth Nielsen
Emmanuel Sopeju
Jay Jackson
Kernaghan Webb
Len Morrissey
Mahendra (Mike) Prasad
Maria C Iafano
Marie-Claude Drouin
Mark Schuessler
Monique A. Grabowski
Nicki Islic
Norma McCormick
Olivier Bourgeois
Paul Chowhan
Peter Glowacki
Philippe Viel
Quinn Redekop
Rae Dulmage
Robert Kerton
Srikanth Mangalam
Susan Winter
Suzanna Ersoy
Sylvie C Lafontaine

National structures for consumer participation (Technical)


National structures for consumer participation (Policy)

ISO COPOLCO Mirror community and Consumer Public Interest Panel / CPIP

Platforms for consumer participation

SCC Connect

Main obstacles to participation


Lack of awareness

Lack of training

Resources (financial or other)


Funding of participation

Department of Health Canada
Innovation Science and Economic Development Canada

Useful Web sites and other resources for consumer participation

SCC Connect

Respondent's name

Ersoy Suzanna Mrs