Botswana (BOBS)

Last updated on: 2019-03-07

Stakeholder Organization(s) contributing to the case study

National Standards Body

National Governmental Authority (Ministry)

Consumer Organization

Other Non-governmental Organization

International structures for consumer participation


Consumer representative(s) participating in the international structure(s)

Department of Trade and Consumer Affairs
Competition Authority
Consumer Watchdog

National structures for consumer participation (Technical)

National Committee on Consumer Policy (NaCOPOLCO)

National structures for consumer participation (Policy)

Department of Trade and Consumer Affairs

Platforms for consumer participation

Consumer Watchdog is an independent consumer rights and advocacy organization campaigning on behalf of the consumers of Botswana, helping them to know their rights and to stand up against abuse
Botswana Consumer Centre for Advocacy, Research and Orientation (BCCARO) - aims to protect consumers against deceptive and unethical practices and the sale of shoddy goods and services

International cooperation

Consumer International

Consumers' priorities and objectives for participation

standards and consumer education
consumer rights
protecting vulnerable people of our society

Main obstacles to participation


Lack of training

Funding of participation

participation in ICO/COPOLCO Meetings by NSB and stakeholders

Respondent's name

Rankokwane Rankokwane Mrs